Monday, January 16, 2012

Jesus/Religion Guy

In response to this,

all of this from Rachel Held Evan's blog:

"Best Response to Jeff Bethke’s Jesus/Religion Video:
I read a lot of fantastic responses the now-famous “I love Jesus, but I hate religion” video. But I must say, my favorite response of the week came from Bethke himselfIn an email exchange with Kevin DeYoung, Bethke responded to DeYoung’s criticism with this: 
“I just wanted to say I really appreciate your article man. It hit me hard. I’ll even be honest and say I agree 100%. God has been working with me in the last 6 months on loving Jesus AND loving his church. For the first few years of walking with Jesus (started in ’08) I had a warped/poor paradigm of the church and it didn’t build up, unify, or glorify His wife (the Bride). If I can be brutally honest I didn’t think this video would get much over a couple thousand views maybe, and because of that, my points/theology wasn’t as air-tight as I would’ve liked. If I redid the video tomorrow, I’d keep the overall message, but would articulate, elaborate, and expand on the parts where my words and delivery were chosen poorly… My prayer is my generation would represent Christ faithfully and not swing to the other spectrum….thankful for your words and more importantly thankful for your tone and fatherly like grace on me as my elder. Humbled. Blessed. Thankful for painful growth.” 
A guy who can respond to criticism with that much openness and that much humility gets nothing but respect from me."

I found this both inspiring and convicting.  Hope I can respond this way if I find myself in a similar situation. 

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